About Us

The name HELENVITA is the conjunction of two words with great history and hidden meanings: HELEN & VITA.

HELEN: The name refers to Helen of Troy, reflecting the Immortal Greek Beauty of Helen, as she was considered to be the most beautiful woman in the ancient world and remains to our days, a reference of the same.
VITA: The Latin word for Life, projecting Health & Well-Being, as an undisputed privilege of man kind through the centuries.

In that sense, our brand HELENVITA, honoring its name origin, consists of a never ending range of innovative dermocosmetics & food supplements solutions, that highly contribute to people’s Well-Being, from Health to Beauty!

HELENVITA offers innovative and high quality products through complete ranges for infant, skin, eyes, hair and dietary supplements. Our products are specially designed to meet the most demanding needs of consumers and bear the signature of international surveys that certify their reliability and effectiveness.
HELENVITA belongs to the Greek PHARMEX pharmaceutical company that operates in Greece and abroad through collaborations with some of the largest research centers. PHARMEX has been a leading trader for 40 years in the field of dermatological and cosmetic products, and has long-standing partnerships as exclusive distributor of the largest foreign brands. Our Company has developed a range of high-quality cosmetics that satisfy even the most demanding consumer as well as Health professionals, Pharmacists and Dermatologists who know exactly what they are seeking.

PHARMEX is currently developing in East European Region, Middle East and Africa. With HELENVITA portfolio, we aim to develop, all over the world.